Hop to it! Easter’s around the corner.

by 8chocolate on April 2, 2010

Thomas Haas Chocolate EggThe Easter bunny came early this year. Lucky me! My sweetie surprised me yesterday with a very fun piece of art of a chocolate bunny from Thomas Haas.

The chocolate bunny is made up of egg shapes, whole and half eggs, and he’s balanced on one chocolate paw. His hind legs are balancing a beautifully decorated egg in a filigree pattern. All dark chocolate except for the filigree egg. It’s white chocolate under that green and brown decoration.

Thomas Haas Chocolate BunnyHow do I know its white chocolate?  The bunny was calling my name. I couldn’t help myself. Some days call for chocolate immediately and this chocolate bunny was the unfortunate victim. There’s not much left of him now one day later. First it was just a paw here and there, and then an ear. Once the top egg was gone, that was it. The chocolate itself is a great smooth, dark chocolate that is rich and silky on the tongue.  The flavour was still there ten minutes later. Good chocolate!

My only disappointment was that all the eggs and half eggs that made up the bunny were hollow. Didn’t take long to take him down. Only the base remains… for a while longer.

If you haven’t got your chocolate bunnies yet for Easter and live in Vancouver, you might want to check out the Easter works of art at Thomas Haas. Otherwise, check out the great list of Easter bunnies and Easter eggs that Dying for Chocolate created.   Happy Easter!

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Beth 05.01.10 at 7:46 pm

Such a beautiful chocolate egg creation! Its so pretty I wouldn’t want to eat it!

Unique Chocolate Gifts 05.06.10 at 6:55 pm

hhhmm…yummy but I think I will just display it rather than eating..The design is awesome!

Annie 06.07.10 at 1:29 pm

A woman after my own heart – what a lovely, comforting and reassuring blog to read on a subject so close to me!

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